BCEGI had the incredible opportunity to support Year 11 students at All Hallows RC High School in experiencing the real-world dynamics of a job interview. 🌐

Day’s Objectives: 📝 Each student prepared a generic CV ahead of time, setting the stage for an interview experience.

Volunteer Role: 🤝 Our volunteers engaged in 15-minute one-on-one interviews with the young participants, delving into their aspirations and skills.

Feedback is Key: 📋 Volunteers were equipped with interview feedback forms to be filled out during a 5-minute slot immediately after the interview. This process ensures timely and constructive feedback, crucial for the students’ growth.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: 🚀 BCEGI believes in nurturing the potential of the next generation. Today’s initiative not only offered valuable insights but also aimed at building confidence and skills essential for future success.

A round of applause to all the incredible students who participated in the mock interviews!